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Many people have a drug story to tell. Click on the pictures to see and hear the stories. Please note that the video files may take a few minutes to download depending on the speed of your connection to the internet.


Liberty's video story
Liberty had problems using alcohol.
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Joe's video story
Joe discusses how he feels about smoking.
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Nick's video story
Nick talks about his experience using ecstasy.
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Charlotte's video story
Charlotte describes her experiences using cannabis.
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Matt's story

Matt says: ďI knew it was not for me. When I was at school, lots of my friends used to drink and smoke. A few people I knew tried drugs like cannabis and LSD, but I was never interested. I have only drunk alcohol a couple of times because I donít like the taste. But itís not just that, I just donít like the idea of being out of control and not knowing what Iím doing.

Some people think Iím boring because I donít drink, or smoke or take other drugs. But thatís their problem. Thereís plenty of ways I enjoy myself - playing football, clubbing, computer games, going to gigs -without having to be off my head.Ē


Josh's story
Josh is 23. For five years he took heroin every day. Heís stopped now, but is still drinking.


Kate's story
Kate is 19 and likes a drink. She used to smoke cigarettes.

young man

Reasons video story
There are many reasons people use drugs. This video outlines some of them.

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Jade's video story
Jade found cannabis stopped her getting things done.Text version

Salim's story

Salim says: "OK, I tried quite a few drugs when I was younger -dope, poppers, E, Acid and a bit of speed. You know things like that. I did it quite a lot for a couple of years. I was quite careful, and lucky really not to get caught by the police.

To be honest, I enjoyed it all even though I knew it was risky. Some of my friends were big drinkers and were often in a worse state than me. I was never a big drinker - I'm still not. I still have the odd bit of blow (cannabis), but I seem to be doing it less and less. I've lost interest in it."


Friends video story
Friends discuss their drug experiences and the importance of friendship.

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