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The Risks:

Unfortunately there are some risks associated with using the internet. You may be exposed to sites with inappropriate content or become involved in unpleasant email or bulletin board communications.

Some Guidelines:

Parents and children can help reduce these risks in many ways. Many Service Providers have Family Filters for example, which will block access to inappropriate sites.

Bear in mind that the internet is largely unregulated. Anyone can set up a web site and sometimes the bargains on offer or claims being made will be far from genuine.

But perhaps the most important thing to remember is to never give out personal information unless you are sure it's going to be used appropriately. If you do receive a message that is harassing or otherwise unpleasant forward a copy to your service provider.

The following are guidelines for safer surfing. Talk about these guidelines with your parents/teachers and maybe print them out and keep them near the computer.

  • I will never give out personal information such as names, addresses or telephone numbers without asking my parents first.

  • I will tell my parents straight away if I see anything I am unhappy about on a web site or if someone sends me something I am unhappy about.

  • I will never agree to meet anyone I've been talking to on the net without asking my parents first.(It's probably best to meet them at your home, at least initially!)

  • I will never send anyone my photograph or other information about myself without checking with my parents first.

  • I won't always believe what I read on the web!

  • I will never send anything that is hurtful to others.

Happy and Safe Surfing!

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