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Here you will find suggestions to carry out 20 different projects on drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

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small thinking capsule Before you start

  • show the list of projects to your teachers

  • if you need to check information, find out the meaning of drug-related words, or want links to further information, try searching the DrugScope website

  • drug use is a very complicated issue and there are many different views and opinions about it. Think carefully about what you want to find out

  • write down the questions that you are interested in exploring

  • you can carry out the project on your own with a friend or in a small group.

small thinking capsule Reading lists

Download our reading lists if you need more background information

happy capsule Suggested projects

Look at the 20 suggested projects and see if any of these fit what you want to do. Remember this is your own project and you can make it interesting for you and others.

Information on each project will open in a new window

Project 1: What does the media say about drugs?
Project 2: What do people think about drugs?
Project 3: Drugs:The ups and downs
Project 4: What drug use is happening where I live?
Project 5: What's in my area for people with drug problems?
Project 6: The history of drugs
Project 7: Drugs and crime
Project 8: Should the law on drugs be changed?
Project 9: Looking at drug information
Project 10: The history and culture of alcohol
Project 11: What are people's attitudes towards alcohol?
Project 12: Alcohol and advertising
Project 13: Alcohol and the law
Project 14: What is acceptable drinking?
Project 15: Looking at information on alcohol
Project 16: What do people think about smoking?
Project 17: Cigarettes and advertising
Project 18: Should the law on smoking change?
Project 19: Looking at information on smoking
Project 20: Drugs in sport


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