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Here you'll find some useful links for all sorts of issues from drugs to bullying to cool places to get help with homework.

Please note each link will open in a new window. DrugScope cannot be held responsible for the content of other sites.

small pink pillHelp and advice on drugs, bullying, health etc

Childline Information on everything from bullying to exam stress to your rights. Free 24-hour helpline. Children and young people in the UK can call the helpline on 0800 1111 about any problem, at any time - day or night.

Kids Health Lots of advice on everything from healthy eating to growing up.

Bullying Online Practical help and advice.

Bully Off More information related to bullying.

Don't suffer in Silence More useful information on bullying.

The Hideout The first national website for children and young people
about domestic violence.

Drugsline Drugs crisis, information and support charity providing free and confidential information and support for people with drug and alcohol related issues, their families and friends.

Talk to Frank More information about drugs.

Talk Don't Walk Supporting young runaways and their families.

Termtime The unofficial guide to surviving school with info on drugs, bullying, stress, exams and more.

Eating Disorders Information and advice.

Young Minds The national charity committed to improving the mental health of all children and young people.

CBBC Lots of resources and activities to help with growing up and dealing with problems ranging from bereavement, changing schools, stress, puberty and racism.

NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)
Operates a free 24 hour helpline - 0800 800 500 for anyone who feels at risk or knows someone at risk. Also see the Worried? Need2talk website especially created for children and young people.

Cyberbullying Lots of resources to help with online bullying on this US site.

Keeping kids safe children, mobiles and the internet

small pink pillJust for Teens

BBC Teenstuff - Celeb. gossip, life and fun.

Need2Know - Lots of information on all aspects of teenage life.

Teens First for Health - mental health information and advice for teenagers.

small pink pillHomework Help

BBC learning Resources for school KS3 Covers every topic studied at Key Stage 3 from art to study skills.

BBC Bitesize Lots of help with English, Maths and Science. You can even email teachers and other students for help.

English Zone Grammar, spelling, and everything else to do with English.

Dictionary Puzzles, FAQs, and a very comprehensive online dictionary and thesaurus.

Onion Street
Get help with school work by talking to people your own age. Read and watch interviews with experts. Get advice on revision technique and dealing with school stress.

small pink pillNews

BBC newsround

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