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wacky history A Brief History of Drugs

ancient rome In ancient Rome you could be arrested for being drunk in charge of a chariot.
1000 a.d. Opium (heroin is made from this plant) was widely used as a medicine in China and India.

1691 In some parts of Germany you could be executed for smoking tobacco.

1798 The French army fighting in North Africa discover you can get high smoking cannabis.

1885 Coca Cola was invented in America. Until 1903 it had a small amount of cocaine in it.
1898 A German medicine company discovered heroin. It was used as a painkiller. Doctors didn't know you could get hooked on it.
1947 A Swiss chemist named Albert Hoffmann accidentally made LSD in his laboratory and had a very strange ride home on his bicycle.
ww2 Soldiers in the army were given speed to keep them going during battle.
1997 Police can now take alcohol away from young people under 18 if they are drinking in public.

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