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stoned purple pillDrug Dangers

Drug use may not always be dangerous but there are still REAL risks involved.

These risks include:

  • damage to health
  • accidents while you are not in control of what you are doing
  • taking too much in one go
  • becoming dependent
  • getting in with the wrong crowd
  • missing school work
  • falling out with family and friends
  • getting into trouble with the police

unhappy purple pillHow risky is using drugs?

It depends... you have to think about the drug itself and how it is
being used:

Different drugs carry different risks: for example you can OVERDOSE and die on heroin whereas a drug like LSD is very unlikely to cause a person's death.

The more drugs someone takes the greater the danger: using drugs more frequently or using more at the same time increases the likelihood of ill effects.

The way a drug is taken: injecting is by far the most dangerous way to take drugs.


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