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star bullet People have bought drugs which turned out to be tablets for worming the dog and cleaning out fish tanks!
star bullet In ancient Greece athletes drank donkey wee. They thought it would make them run faster.
star bullet There was once a rumour that Coca-Cola was made from bat poo.
star bullet What's in a cigarette? Each one contains the same chemicals found in car batteries, exhaust smoke, pesticides for killing insects and toilet cleaner. And you can get hooked on them.


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Men who use steroids can grow breasts. Women who use them can develop very deep voices.

In America, there are toads which have a fluid in their body like LSD. Some people have tried licking them to get high. Some…hope!

Scientists gave drugs to spiders. This is what happened to the webs:

normal web

Normal web

LSD web

LSD web

caffeine web

Caffeine web

it's true

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LSD and ecstasy were both tried out as 'truth drugs' by the American secret service. "I can see pink elephants with green spots. Honest I can."

star bullet Most of the drugs now banned were once medicines. And in the past, some countries have banned tobacco and alcohol. In Moslem countries it is still forbidden to drink alcohol.
star bullet According to the Bible, Noah planted the first vineyard after the Flood - and then got blind drunk on wine.
star bullet Addictive drug - is one that people have to take just to feel normal. Many drugs are like this.

stoned pill

1,000 young people die every year because of alcohol - that's death through drunk driving, poisoning and violence.

This much LSD for an 8-hour trip dot of LSD - and there's no turning back.

One regular cocaine user spent £30,000 a year on this drug. What would you do with that money!

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