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DrugScope is the UK's leading independent centre of expertise on drugs and the national membership organisation for the drug field. Our aim is to inform policy development, reduce drug-related harms to individuals, families and communities -  and promote health, well-being, recovery, inclusion and integration. We provide quality drug information, promote effective responses to drug taking, undertake research, advise on policy-making, encourage informed debate - particularly in the media - and speak for our member organisations working on the ground

DrugScope - quality, expertise, effectiveness, independence

Providing reliable information
DrugScope provides authoritative and reliable information on all aspects of drug policies and problems. We publish a wide range of reference guides, books and journals for professionals and the general public.

Improving knowledge
DrugScope conducts research in important and hitherto neglected areas of the subject where the information base needs improving for policy-making. DrugScope also manages research and development programmes into many aspects of drug use in the UK and the different responses to it.

Promoting effective responses to drug use
DrugScope strives to ensure that our responses to drug use across treatment and education services and the criminal justice system are of high quality and based on evidence of what works. We develop and promote national quality standards, national policy frameworks and good practice guidance for specialist and general agencies involved in drugs issues.

Supporting informed policy-making and debate
DrugScope uses the knowledge of our professional member bodies and our own expertise to influence Government policy-makers on drug-related issues. We maintain close links with parliamentarians and the media to try to promote an informed debate on a subject which provokes strong feelings and much ill-informed comment.

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