October 21, 2020

Travel and Vaccination

Travel and Vaccination Services

OSHS is delighted to have joined MASTA to offer medical advise and services for travellers abroad and become a MASTA travel clinic in Ayr.

The Medical Advisory Services For Travellers Abroad, or MASTA, is a global advisory service established over 20 years ago.В By joining forces, we are able to provide the most up-to-date travel health advice for itineraries anywhere in the world.

All new information is assessed by internationally recognised experts in travel health to ensure validation and accuracy. Advice is maintained and updated regularly, daily when required, for over 265 countries and 84 disease conditions.

Whether you are travelling to Mexico or Zimbabwe, a quick visit to our clinic and we can provide you with a personalised Travel Health Brief service. These health briefs integrate recommendations on vaccines, seasonal diseases advice, malaria endemicity maps, through to travel kit items to consider, for an itinerary of up to 10 countries. Working as a MASTA clinic allows us to provide this information with speed and accuracy.

We will provide:

  • A comprehensive travel brief detailing all vaccinations, malaria prophalaxis and travel items you need to be safe on your travels.
  • Information on outbreaks and general travel health news.
  • Fact sheets that provide information on medications, vaccines and a range of travel health issues.


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