Personal Track Safety | Medical Requirements

Personal track safety medical requirements

Below is a summary of the Medical Fitness Standard required for Personal Track Safety, which all successful candidates will be required to take upon offer of a place in this event. If you would like to suggest any other medical checks, please contact us.

Vision (Eyesight)

Distance vision at least 6/9 in the better eye and 6/12 in the other eye with spectacles or contact lenses worn with no medical condition(s) present that will likely to cause visual impairment.

Colour Vision

Normal colour vision tested using the Ishihara Plates test and reported as normal or abnormal.

Normal colour vision is not required for basic Personal Track Safety purposes, but it is a requirement of certain tasks undertaken on or near the line to which other, job-specific requirements apply.


Good conversational hearing is required with no medical condition(s) present likely to cause unpredictable fluctuation in hearing levels.

General Health

A good standard of general health is required.

Persons shall not be permitted to go on or near the line if they are suffering from medical conditions or taking medical treatments, likely to cause sudden loss of consciousness, impairment of awareness or concentration, sudden incapacity, visual impairment of temporary or transient nature, impairment of balance or co-ordination, significant limitation of mobility.

Where a known medical condition exists restrictions will be imposed and a risk assessment shall be undertaken to create, where possible, a safe system of work.

We recommend all applicants have a health check and dental check-up before applying for personal track safety. This is to ensure everything is in correct order and there is far less chance of an issue arising on the date. Contact this local dentist for an appointment.

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