October 21, 2020

Personal Track Safety | Drugs & Alcohol

Personal Track Safety: Drug and Alcohol Test

Any allegations of drink and drug abuse in the railway industry are of concern. Train Drivers, Guards, Conductors, Shunters, Signallers, Permanent Way workers and all other Safety Critical staff and their employers are subject to the Transport & Works Act which make it is criminal offence for employees to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs, additionally employers are bound by law to have procedures in place to prevent this from occurring. It is an offence under section 27 of the act for employees to carry out, and for employers to allow employees to carry out safety critical tasks while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Railway and train operators carry out drug and alcohol testing for selecting or promoting staff to safety critical tasks and after incidents. Random testing is sometimes also undertaken as a deterrent so it is important to have employees available for test, but equally it may defeat the purpose if a warning is given.

The railway sectors Link Up Accreditation scheme for Drug Screening was awarded to OSHS Ltd in 2011. Link Up is the UK rail industry supplier qualification scheme that consists of a strict audit to ensure that specific standards for service provision are being observed. The rail industry insists on service providers meeting the link up standards, with health and safety critical issues in this sector. The Railways Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) specify that drug testing and alcohol testing laboratories used in their workplace alcohol and drug programme must be UKAS accredited for drug testing. Rail organisations are only permitted to work with suppliers who have been officially accredited via a Proof Link Up Audit.

OSHS is accredited to perform Link Up (Rail Industry) drugs and alcohol tests and to issue applicable certificates, which enables all our customers to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of Railway Standard GE/RT8070, Network Rail drug and alcohol policy requirements.
OSHS provide Link Up accredited For Cause contract cover as required by Network Rail suppliers for their annual Link Up audit compliance.

OSHS provides a 24 hour call out service as well as emergency appointments for PTS and drug and alcohol tests.
Our chain of custody tests are carried out at a gold standard accreditated lab and conform to both network rail and legally defensible chain of custody procedures.

A negative result is usually available within 72 hours. For more information contact us.