How often should I visit my dentist?

Whether you visit a NHS or private dentist, be guided by their advice, but a regular yearly visit is recommended. If you have poor dental health you will be advised to visit more often.

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What is your dental medical history?

Your medical history will be relevant, so on your first visit you will be asked to complete a questionnaire.

If you are going for cosmetic dentistry, this is very important as there have been stories of where no records have been taken and the wrong treatment has been offered.

You will need to know names and dosage of any medication you are taking as well as a detailed history of hospital operations and relevant illnesses, especially allergies. It has occurred when no note has been taken of an allergy to nickel and the patient has had a reaction around a crown site due to part of the metal alloy involved being nickel.

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Frightened of visiting the dentist?

Think about problems you feel you might have with your teeth prior to going and write them down.

If you are of a nervous when visiting the dentist, it would be best to discuss what your worries are and if your dentist can offer other treatments to help with your anxiety.

Dentists do not only look at your teeth, instead they are also looking at the general health of your mouth. This includes the gums, throat, cheeks and your tongue. Visiting the dentist regularly will help to spot and treat any diseases before they get worse. For example, gum disease can develop into gingivitis.

They will offer advice and treatment regarding localised infections or potential disease which may require further investigation.

Other dental treatment includes teeth whitening.