October 21, 2020


Key Risk Assessments


As standard with all health surveillance programmes, a medical history questionnaire is completed. This allows the testing team to identify any medical problems which could affect the results of any tests carried out. It also allows the individual the opportunity to discuss any medical concerns they have and receive appropriate advice thereafter.

Standard Testing

As part of all the health surveillance testing, blood pressure and pulse rates are recorded as standard. These are recorded at no cost to the employer and merely as an added extra for the employee. Studies within our organisation have found that employees both like and benefit from these added tests.

Sickness absence management

Sickness absence can be extremely costly for your business. This does not only include the direct loss of service provision but also the effects on colleagues and disruption to consistent customer relationships.

OSHS offers support to HR and mangers in managing absent employees. We offer

  • Contact with absent employees
  • Advice on likely return-to-work date
  • Adjustments supporting an early return to work
  • Proposing rehabilitation plans
  • Liaison with the employees General Practitioner or specialist
  • Feedback to HR / management on suggested action
  • Obtaining relevant consent
  • Ill health retirement reports

Short-term and long-term sickness absence assessments can be made within 48 hours and in most cases a same day report is available. For more information email us at .